Tips & Tricks


Tip# 1

Rod selection: Depending on the amount of curl your client is wanting to achieve will determine the size of rod you select. For a tighter curl you would go down in size of rod and up for a more natural look. This is personal preference and will vary depending on the client, so be sure to ask.

Tip# 2

Lash placement: Be mindful of your body positioning making sure your looking from the angle of the eye and not behind the client. Watch the angles and make sure the lashes are point straight up and over the rod. Keep them straight. 

Tip# 3

Tip #4

Solution placement: Watch you placement of the solution at all times. You never want the solution to be too close to the tip of the lashes. If they’re  shorter lashes, you will need to customize the solution and bring it down closer to the root. Applying solution to high on the lash is the #1 cause of lash frizzing!

Lash Isolation: Adhering the lashes to the rod can be extremely tricky, however you want to make sure that they are as smooth and straight as possible. This does take time. If the lashes are not correctly placed to the rods and are crossed in any direction other than straight, then the clients lashes will be crossed once the lash lift is done, giving you a potentially unhappy client.