The Lash Lift Kit plus Elleevate Black Keratin Mascara

The Lash Lift Kit plus Elleevate Black Keratin Mascara


The Lash Lift Kit + Elleevate Black Keratin Mascara gives you the results you expect along with a service that will give your clients the WOW factor they want when they leave. It will increase your profitability if you choose to add product cost to the service. Adding Elleevate Keratin Black Mascara after a Lash Lift will nourish, thicken, add volume, and give your client's lashes added strength to ensure consistent and lasting results.

Elleevate Black Mascara is formulated to work exclusively with Elleebana's Line of products. The biotin and keratin strengthens, thickens, and protects the eyelashes to encourage nourishing growth.

One Shot Lash Lift Kit + Elleevate Mascara contains:

  • 30 lift sachets

  • 30 setting sachets

  • Combo silicone rods

  • Lash lift applicator tool

  • 30ml Belma Remove

  • Application brush

  • Original lash adhesive

  • 1 Elleevate Black Mascara


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