Elleebana Evolved Lash Lift Kit

Elleebana Evolved Lash Lift Kit


Lash Lift Store by Elleebana leads the industry in lash lifting products with a kit that creates less product waste with high-quality formulations and performance. This product was created for professional stylists and includes and comes with everything you need to give your clients the WOW factor.

Included in the kit:

  • 15 lift Lotions

  • 15 setting Lotions

  • 1 Elleeplex Clear Nourishing Solution

  • 1 Pair of small, medium, large and X large rods

  • 1 Lash Lift Adhesive

  • 1 Lash Lift Isolator Tool

  • 5 sets of premium eyelash pads

  • 1 Belma 30ml makeup remover

  • 1 Application Brush

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